Aspect Tecnoventure understands that in today's competitive business environment,

companies are under constant pressure to increase profitability and improve the customer

relationship experience, while simultaneously lowering operating costs. Given these

contradictory performance challenges, it's increasingly clear that companies must partner

with someone who specializes in providing a superior customer experience, while providing

significant cost savings.The pressure to lower operating costs means that companies must

also look at labor intensive back office process as an area for potential savings. Companies

can no longer afford to have pools of employees performing functions that are not part of the

company's core competencies. Achieving back office efficiencies are the result of partnering

with someone who fully understands process driven workflow and can successfully deliver

them from a best-cost location.

   Aspect Tecnoventure proven methodology allows us to gain a deep understanding of your

company's unique needs and challenges and translate them into solutions that are managed

locally and delivered globally. Our ability and experience in providing a wide range of BPO

solutions means that we are able to customize each solution based upon industry best

practices and our own experiences.

   Aspect Tecnoventure recognizes that our success lies in the quality of our people, which is

why we choose them carefully the locations of our BPO Delivery Centers ensuring you can

expect more than the ordinary.

    Aspect Tecnoventure has established a full-fledged Data Conversion unit brief

details appended to this write-up. It also manages a data processing unit, and to enhance

the volume capabilities thrown open by growing BPO / ITES opportunities, Aspect Tecnoventure

has entered into business relationships with a multitude of IT units, whose combined

infrastructural strength is made available to prospective clients.

   Summarizing, Aspect Tecnoventure is by itself capable of taking up high volume data

processing jobs, appropriately distributing and directly controlling the project amongst IT

business establishments that form part of the network of service providers coordinated by

Aspect Tecnoventure.


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